Being artful about your work doesn’t mean you have to use a paintbrush.

It is about doing the work that sets your soul on fire!

Running a creative business is hard work.
It can be isolating when you only have the walls of your studio or office to talk to.

The Artful Business School gives you the support and the community you are looking for.

The Artful Business School is an engaged and thriving online community that helps you connect with like-minded creative business owners, share your struggles, celebrate your successes and learn together so you can feel supported while you build and grow the business you are so passionate about.

The workshops, coaching calls and resources are designed for the unique needs of the passionate, heart-led, micro business owner.

This includes monthly online workshops, live group calls & a private group to share with like-minded business women.

As a member of the Artful Business School you will feel supported, connected, part of a creative community & be given the tools to grow your business.

All this for a monthly subscription of AUD$33

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What's inside the Artful Business School?

Monthly Workshops

Each month there will be a live webinar style workshop for you to come and learn new skills to help you build your business. Workshops will be hosted by Elle Roberts and many amazing guest trainers all sharing their zone of genius to help you learn and grow.

These are recorded and available at any time for all school members.

Fortnightly Live Calls

These will focus on the theme of the month's workshop but it is also a place you can bring any business questions, comments or shares that are happening in your business. These will be interactive calls facilitated by Elle but designed for you all to contribute, ask and share.

These may or may not be recorded - depending on the sensitivity of the discussion.

Private Facebook Community

This will be a safe, private space for you all to chat, share, support and celebrate your business and each other. You don't need to wait until the live calls to communicate with each other.

Elle will host live chats within the group, sometimes with the help of guest teachers. We will also have a weekly accountability thread so everyone can help each other to stay on track.

Hi, I'm Elle Roberts

I am a creativity coach and business mentor. I work with ladybosses like yourself to help you build a business by your own design and to your own rules!

I'm a BIG believer in authentic marketing, personal branding and FUN business planning. I also believe that you already know more than you think you know and it's my job not just to teach you cool new strategies, but also to help draw out of you your innate wisdom.

Because lady, you know what you need most of the time, you just let your self-talk get in the way! Right!?

My specialty is pushing business owners who are already doing great work (whether for one or one million) to the next level of success and helping women build their confidence and their online presence.

Who is Artful Business School for?

Being artful about your work doesn’t mean you have to use a paintbrush. It is about doing the work that sets your soul on fire!

This community is for you if you are in business doing work that lights you up, if you want to create financial abundance while having a positive impact on the world and if you want to build an empire. If running your business means being totally YOU and making your own rules, then the Artful Business School is for YOU!

Who is in the school?

The Artful Business School is a thriving network of creative entrepreneurs,  makers, coaches, writers, speakers, designers, healers, wellness entrepreneurs and artists.

From the very traditional creative business businesses such as quilters, crafters and designers, to coaches, writers, therapists and copywriters. This is a place for business owners of all shapes & sizes.

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